National Skilled Nursing Care Week
May 12-18, 2019


National National Nursing Home Week is May 12-18. This year's theme is "Live Soulfully"; Arbor Manor took it to a new level of living soulfully through the decades. Each day, starting Monday, we will be having "Era Days". Dress to impress each day as we celebrate a new era everyday.

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Monday, May 13

Genre: 1920's

10:30am - Spring Arbor Firetrucks, Paul & Karol Bucholz

1:30pm - Rice Krispy Treat Making

Tuesday, May 14

Genre: 1930's

10:30am - Then & Now

1:30pm - Gardening

Wednesday, May 15

Genre: 1940's

10:30am - Music & Dance

1:30pm - Resident Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, May 16

Genre: 1950's

10:30am - Decade Toys

1:30pm - Elvis Tribute Artist

Friday, May 17

Genre: 1960's

10:30am - Lloyd Ganton Car Show

1:30pm - Tie-Dye Clothing